"Every wedding ring, engagement ring, and other piece of jewelry has the potential to tell a beautiful story and the best way to bring that story out is to ensure the piece is of a custom design."
Welcome to Krasner Jewelers, where our goal is to make you a happy customer for life!

We provide very personal service: one-on-one appointments where we work with you to design a unique piece of jewelry unsurpassed in beauty and individuality.

There are no sales people, no ‘closings’ and no pressure – just a relaxing, informal environment conducive to the creation of something unique and special.

We specialize in:

Custom Work
  • Jewelry
  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Rings
Expert Jewelry Repair
Jewelry Restoration
Colored Gemstones
Insurance Replacements 
Jewelry Appraisal 
Milton Krasner of Krasner Jewelers featured in JCK Magazine
This is a brand new Synthetic Diamond Screener I just purchased.  

This machine is a great help in making a determination whether or not a diamond is Natural or Type IIa Diamond (synthetic).